Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Interiors - My Dream Bedroom

So my parents and I are planning to build a new house and I'm in-charge of the interior decorating. If I can't pursue it as a career I might as well do it in our own house. According to the architect, the design will be a Balinese type house. Therefore, it's should be minimalist. It's a simple house good for 3 people. 

I am particularly concern about how my bedroom will look like. I already requested to have my own walk-in closet and bathroom. Here are the design ideas I found online. 

I love how the walk-in closet is connected to the bathroom and the mirrored closet doors doors.

Going with the mirrored closet doors, I want to own a mirrored side table as well. I just don't know where to get it here in the Philippines.

As for the color palette, I'm thinking of warm beige and dark browns just like the first picture. It's very soothing and relaxing. I need a bedroom I can relax after a long day at work most especially when I have problems sleeping.

I can't wait to start decorating!!!!

Will post more pictures soon. :)

xxx RM-HF

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