Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Face Shop Cosmetics Haul and Others...

I am realizing that I'm a terrible blogger! This post should've been posted early January but no, I'm posting it in the middle of the year, June!  Well, I have to be dedicated this time around since I don't have anything else to do anyway after leaving my job. That's another story to tell.

My mom visited Korea last December and what else can I ask for as souvenirs but cosmetics, since Korea is very famous for that. I've always liked The Face Shop and buy their beauty products here in the Philippines and I'm sure it's cheaper there so, I went on a Google spree (considering her budget) and listed the stuff I want her to buy during her visit.

1. Intervia EGF Cream. - I didn't request for this particular item. But according to my Mother, once you step into their stores they immediately give you free samples. I believe this particular sample is for anti-aging.

2. Power Perfection BB Cream - BB creams is all the rave these days. I for one love this particular BB cream because it doesn't just cover the imperfection but it also serves as a "treatment" for bagginess, roughness and dryness. It's very light on the skin and spreads easily at the same time provides full coverage.

3. Gradation Art Nails - I just love anything sparkly and glittered nails is one of my favorite things. When I saw this at the store it was calling my name. I'm not a huge fan of nail art to be honest, Gradation nails is the only nail art I can pull off. I bought it in 2 colors, pink/gold and red. It's like Christmas and New Years day for your nails.

4. High Lighter Beam - I recently just fell in-love with highlighters. I am slowly trying to learn make-up contouring and this little bottle is golden! Just a few dabs at the top of your cheekbones to your temple, a t-zone from your nose bone to your forehead, a few dabs on your chin and voila! You get that glowing dewy look in an instant!

5. Freshian Big Mascarra - A must have in every girls make-up kit! A good water proof Mascarra to lengthen those lashes and make your eyes look awake!

6. CC Cream - Unlike the other cosmetics, I didn't request for this but I'm glad to have a sample. CC is the newest big thing after BB creams. CC stands for cover corrector (I think). I've tried this one and it's very easy to apply and lightweight just like the Power Perfection BB Cream. This small sachet can go a long way since you would only need a few dots to cover your face.

7. Rice Facial Masks - I love facial masks but I've never tried this one until now. I am so happy my mom brought home a sample of this Rice Facial Mask from The Face Shop. It does magic to your skin! I use a peeling soap daily to get rid of those unwanted pimple marks (that are self inflicted). There are times that my face gets really itchy because it's dry and rough. But after using this mask, it feels so smooth, refreshed and healthy again. This has become part of my beauty regimen.

8. FLEBOTE Collagenic Total Lifting Eye Cream - Do not underestimate the power of eye creams! Even if you do not have wrinkles, eye creams is a must! I say start using eye creams when you reach the age of 21. I love this particular one because it has that cold feeling when you dab it on your eyes even if you do not put it in the fridge. It includes this little spatula so that you don't have to use your fingers. Because sometimes when you use your fingers (even your ring finger) you tend to press a little too hard and that's a big no no. Your eye area is very sensitive and should be handled as gentle as possible to prevent those dark circles.

9. Mango Seed - Another bunch of samples my mom brought home. I haven't used this one yet since I do not know which one is the toner and the moisturizer since it's all written in Korean. Hahahaha! I visited The Face Shop store here in Manila to ask which is which but since they don't supply the Mango Seed line here, they don't know either. I'll experiment on it soon.

10. Lovely Me:Ex Stick Concealer - One thing I cannot live without is a really good concealer to cover those "self-inflicted" pimple scars and dark circles around my eyes during those days that I'm just wearing a light powder on my face. I love this because it matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn't leave my face all "cakey" even after wearing it all day.

Mother also bought me this beautiful coat! Bring it  on rainy season, I need to wear this fab coat!

There you have it! 'Till my next blog...next year! hahaha! I joke!


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