Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breast Check

Had my 4th breast surgery this month. The Doctor had to remove 3 cysts on my left breast this time. Although it is most likely to be benign and fibrocystic, I can never be too sure. Plus it grew in a span of 6 months and we have a history of breast cancer. So be to be on the safe side, my parents and I decided to have it removed again. I had my first when I was in 1st year college, 2nd in 4th year college and 3rd four years ago.

My doctor did a Mammotome procedure just like what they did four years ago. It's more high-tech since they don't have to slice it open. They just insert what looks like a metal straw like tube. Once the wound has healed, it won't be that visible. It can be done using a local or general anesthesia. For my procedure, since they have to remove 3 cysts, my doctor advised me to take the general anesthesia. I was sleeping like a baby during the whole operation and woke-up in the recovery room after 3 hours.

It's been 3 weeks since my operation but I still feel pain every once in a while. I guess the wound hasn't totally healed yet since it's inside but the pain is tolerable.The result is again benign, which is a good thing! I now have to get my breast check every 6 months.

Below is a step by step way on how to self-examine your breasts for lumps. Don't be scared if  you feel anything, just make sure you visit your doctor for a more professional examination. They'll advise you on what the next step will be. :)

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