Monday, October 28, 2013

LATE POST: Richmonde Lunch Buffet

Last Christmas, my mom received a lunch buffet gift certificate for two at Richmonde Hotel. We have forgotten about it until I saw it in my desk while I was cleaning it last month. It was about to expire this year and we wouldn't want it to go to waste so I had a reservation made at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel last Sept. 21.

Their Lunch Buffet is available from 11AM-2PM only. We arrived at the hotel at around 1:30pm and thought of re-scheduling because it was already late. However, the receptionist said they can still accommodate us so we stayed.

(People always spell my name wrong. It's supposed to be spelled as Rissa)

The place was very quiet. Only one table was occupied when we arrived. The Chef greeted us and walked us through the food choices. The options were limited but I very much liked their Lechon. It was very crispy and not greasy. Their steak was also really good! We had it cooked medium rare and they served it at our table.They also served a complimentary milk tea.

From what I remember, and this is not all of it...these are the food choices available.

1. Spaghetti with red/white sauce and nachos for the kids.
2. Lechon
3. Tenderloin Steak
4. Tempura
5. Thai food (soups, salads, dimsum)
6. Japanese food
7. Rice
8. Mini cakes and pastries
9. Fresh fruits
10. Halo-Halo
11. Ice Cream

 (This is where they placed the cakes, pastries and fresh fruits)

Their food is nothing extraordinary except for the Lechon and the steak that I liked very much!

(Sorry, this is a terrible picture of how my plate looked like)

 (My mom enjoying here ice cream a little too much)

  Mother liked the display at their receiving area so we had a picture taken there as well.

The place is more appropriate for business meetings / luncheon rather than parties. But all in all it was a nice place to have lunch and just chill.  We stayed there while waiting for the screening of Insidious 2. :)

You may visit their website at

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