Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 ways of celebrating Philippines Independence Day

June 12,  2013 marks 115 years of Philippines Independence from Spain. Here are 12 ways on how to celebrate this eventful day in your own little way.

1. Place a flag of the Philippines on your front door, window or on your car.

2. Wear something Blue, Red, Yellow and White.

3. Why stick to clothes? Nail art is in, try painting your nails with the colors of the Philippines flag or the flag of the Philippines itself. Be creative!

4. Wake-up really early or sleep really late to catch the National Anthem being aired on TV or the radio and really listen to the lyrics.

5. Google the words to Panatang Makabayan. There is a new version of it now if you don't know.

6. Eat traditional Filipino cuisine all day. Filipino food has a lot to offer! Forget about your diet today!

7. Visit the National Museum of the Philippines. National Museum of the Philippines website

8. Since school is out on this day, join a tour of Intramuros / The Walled City.

9. Attend a local concert showcasing Filipino talents in your area.

10. If a concert is not your thing, host a dinner party and play Pinoy Henyo and use the Philippines history as a topic. This will also help you brush-up on your history.

11. If you're into sports or games, enjoy a competitive pinoy games marathon with your friends such as sungka, piko, luksong baka, trumpo and feel like a child again. Check out this video clip from RPG Metanoia -  Balik Tanaw Sa Larong Atin

12. Just simply be proud that you're a Filipino.

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