Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hollow Crown

As you may all know by this time, I recently became a huge Tom Hiddleston fan. Therefore, watching all of his work is a must! I'm aware that most of his earlier projects are not as popular as Thor or Avengers, but I am still keen on watching every single one them!

One of which is the BBC 3 part TV series The Hollow Crown, wherein he  plays Prince Hal, son of Henry IV and King Henry V based from Shakespeares Histories of Henry IV and Henry V.

I never read any of Shakespeares stories. Not even Merchant of Venice where I got my name. The closest I got to any of Shakespeares work is when I watched Leonardo Di Caprio's Romeo and Juliet. I never thought I'd be interested in Shakespeare. But since Tom Hiddleston considers Shakespeare one of the best playrights of all time, I came to appreciate him too.

Watching Hollow Crown was hard. I'm ashamed to admit it but my dictionary app on my I-pod was ready just in case I need to look up some words. And thank gawd for subtitles!

Watching Tom Hiddleston play such a character simply shows how good an actor he is! He deserved every award and recognition he gained playing this role. The way he transitioned from being Prince Hal to King Henry V was (with lack of better word for it) amazing!

One of my favorite scenes from this movie was the scene wherein he was imitating his Father, King Henry IV. I know Tom Hiddleston likes to imitate people and he nailed it! I laughed so hard watching that scene and clicked replay a few more times because it was so good!  And of course, the day he asked for Princess Kate's hand in marriage. Oh, Medieval courtship at it's finest!

I've downloaded all of Shakespeares stories and plan to read them all starting with Coriolanus since he will be playing that part January next year. If only I could watch it live... (sigh)

"Let us sit upon the ground / and tell sad stories of the death of kings"

I would like to thank Tom Hiddleston for opening my eyes to the world of Shakespeare!

Here's the trailer for Hollow Crown for your viewing pleasure.

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