Sunday, August 18, 2013

Samsung Gadgets

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Got a new gadget from Globe this August. It's the new Samsung Tab 3 and Samsung S Duos bundled for only plan 999. It goes well with my Samsung digicam.

I really think it's good deal from Globe. The Samsung Tab 3 7inch is worth Php 9,100 and the Samsung S Duos is worth Php 7,790. The plans comes with Unli Data, 101 free texts and 100 consumable. I don't really call or text much but I surf most of the time so I think it suits me.

However, there are some downside to this promo. I've had problems with the Tab's software during it's second week and the unit won't turn on. I can no longer return it to Globe since the 7 day warranty replacement has already passed so I have to take it to Samsung service center in SM North. Everything was covered by the 1 year warranty so I didn't pay for anything. Everything is working fine now. However this time, it's the Samsung S Duos that's having some problems. The hotspot router won't seem to connect my other devices. Went to Globe again to have it checked and they advised me to go to the service center again to have it fixed. 

I know it's such a hassle. I would be furious at Globe if the service center isn't near my place but thankfully it is so I don't have problems going there. I don't know if it's just me that got the defective unit or if its the same for all but I'm really disappointed with Samsung. Or probably because it's one of their cheaper models that is why it has some problems.

All in all, it's a good deal but I wouldn't recommend techie people to buy this tab and phone . It runs a bit slow compared to the I-pad and I-pod Touch that I'm used to. I'm not a techie type of person so this stuff doesn't affect me that much. As long as I can surf the net and play some music, I'm good! Plus, I only got it for free so I can't really complain that much. I just hope I don't encounter problems passed the warranty period. :s

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