Thursday, February 7, 2013

Movie Review: Les Miserables Experience

After 2 weeks I was finally able to watch this movie. Not without a little drama of course. To make the long story short, I was so excited to watch the movie and didn’t notice that we accidentally bought the wrong ticket. We didn’t found out until we were inside the theatre. The ticket lady must have heard me saying “Chinese” instead of “Le Mis” because she showed us the seats to Chinese Zodiac. I didn’t check the ticket until we were inside the theatre. The movie was already running for 30 mins. so we opted to just have our ticket refunded instead of transferring to another theatre. We just came back the following day and made sure we bought the right ticket this time. But ‘nuff of my story, here’s what I think of the film.

It was definitely worth watching in the theatre! I can’t believe I almost didn’t. At first I thought, damn! 3 hours will be so long. But no! I didn’t even notice the time. It was that entertaining! Huge Jackman’s transformation was incredible. I heard that he didn’t drink water during the shoot just so he could look that tired and lose all his water weight. Anne Hathaway’s performance was so moving. I cried every time she was on screen. Amanda Seyfried’s voice was like an angel. I didn’t know her voice was that high pitched. Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen added a bit of fun to the very sad story line. And I think everybody knows that Russel Crowe isn’t the best singer. There are times that I think he should be singing the lines, but it sounds like he was just prolonging the syllables. But the role as Javert suits him. Eddie Redmayne is such a pretty face who knew he could sing so well. I’m sure a lot of opportunities came knocking on his door as soon as the film came out. Let's not forget Daniel Huttlestone, the little boy who died in the revolution is just the cutest little thing even with all that teeth cavity. I loved the way he sings because I can hear his British accent. His character was so brave for a tiny man.

I also didn’t expect that I would like the songs so much. I mean, the songs in musicals seem to fit well in the scene but not on it’s own. But the songs in Les Miserables is catchy that you can just download it to your i-pod and listen to it over and over again and it wouldn’t sound off. I will probably do that and sing my heart out in the shower!

In my opinion, the film adaptation was done incredibly well. It was nice to see these musicals shown to the big screen because not everyone can afford to watch musicals these days. I was very intrigued to watch the first film adaptation since they are selling it on DVD.

The movie is so moving. The life and struggles of each character is full of love and hate all at the same time. Sticking to the original musical them instead of making it as an ordinary movie was indeed the right way to go. I don’t think it would have that huge impact if the lines were just said. Singing it makes it even better because it shows more emotion thus makes it more dramatic. 

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